Soul Sickness

Have you ever had thoughts you couldn’t control? Have you found yourself reacting to certain situations in self-punishing or hurtful ways? Do you sometimes feel stressed, anxious or depressed? Do you ever feel like nobody cares? If you answered yes to any of these questions you may be suffering from a wounded soul. God is a triune being; He is Father Son and Holy Spirit. And God created us in His image. We are of three parts namely, spirit, soul and body (1 Thess. 5:23). Just as God had a cure for our spirit through salvation in Jesus, He has a cure for our souls. When we accept Jesus by faith, our spirit is born again. When we come to know and believe God’s love for us, our soul is renewed. Removing and rebuking Satan’s lies out of our hearts and minds while fully embracing God’s love is what healing of the soul is all about. Knowing how much God loves us fosters joy, peace, value and self-worth.

God never intended for our lives to be oppressed with inner pain and confusion. As we discover wounds in our emotions, we can put a demand on the healing ministry of Jesus. Just as the woman with the issue of blood rose from her bed of affliction and touched Jesus (Mark 5:25–34), so can we. We can rise up and claim our healing from the man who is always ready and willing to heal us (Luke 4:18). How you ask? You put a demand on His healing power! You can do so by declaring healing over your mind and proclaiming the Word of God. With the Holy Spirit's guidance, we can identify unhealthy behaviors and patterns in our lives. In time we will learn to live and think like a healed person. Confronting old soul wounds have the potential of unlocking higher dimensions of victorious living. Dealing with our soul wounds are of utmost importance in overcoming spiritual attacks. We must confront the enemy's lies in ours mind and release the healing power of God. Ultimately, the time that we invest in the betterment of our souls we will find that it is worth it. The ultimate payoff will be the ability to enjoy a life that is planted in peace while our soul is victoriously dwelling in Jesus.

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