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Sis, Look Up and Live!

Ladies, grab this book to receive encouragement and empowerment that will help you navigate this journey called life. Each chapter ends with a prayer and a few chapter highlights for meditation. 

When our focus is on our troubles, our heads will always hang low. The devil wants us to look down and stay down so that when he shows up, he can drag us down further to where he is. But God wants us to look up to where He is. Sis don't look down. That's the wrong direction! Don't look to human solutions or your own intelligence and logic. Submit your worries, cares, and trials to the Lord. Take everything to God in prayer and read His Word daily for divine guidance.
In this book, I use a variety of scriptures and portions of my testimony to encourage you to look up! After you read this book and pray the accompanying prayers, I hope that you will be empowered to go forth in the promises of God and see them manifest in your everyday life.

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The master's piece


       A potter is a creator that makes an object out of a lump of clay. The potter does this by molding the clay with his or her hands and mind to create a form in space. In the process, from raw clay to a finished product, the shaped form is decorated and made ready to display the masterpiece. This is precisely what God did with the Earth.

  The Master’s Piece explores God’s artistic and creative nature through biblical study and personal testimony. Author Precious Gem shares her experiences and examines a variety of scriptures with the goal of inspiring believers to enlarge their view of God.